Is it ok to be a fairweather fan?

I like to consider myself a loyal person, whether it by my friends or my o2 mobile phone contract. I will always stand up for people and things that I believe in, look how much I’ve stood by the Backstreet Boys through crap albums and some of them turning out to be knobs. One thing I couldn’t say I’d stood by my whole life though is Newcastle United.

I was a fan for a long time in the 90s; as a family we had 2 season tickets between the 4 of us which meant on average I went to very other home game and I can hand on heart say I never watched them lose. This was in the prime Entertainers era so we were banging goals in left right and centre which of course makes it all the more enjoyable to watch. In 1999 me and a friend wagged off school for the afternoon (it was sixth form, we weren’t missing anything) to see them land in Newcastle airport and a few weeks later watched the bus parade in Gosforth despite them losing the FA cup final to Manchester United. Two events so close together it prompted Rob Lee (my favourite) to ask if I was stalking them and told my my pen was crap. The only reason I stopped going to home matches is because I got a job as a kiosk manager at St James’ Park, so although I couldn’t watch the matches, I was still there.

Then of course me entering my late teens and early 20s and the world of full time work meant that going to home games wasn’t so much of a priority any more. It just happened to coincide with Newcastle United becoming, well, a bit rubbish. Even my mum and dad gave up their season ticket in the end, not so much because of the football, but the was the fans around them were starting to use increasingly bad language and general loutish behaviour. Which I guess you could argue is a result of the team being a little bit rubbish.

Exit Mike Ashley and enter Eddie Howe and suddenly Newcastle United are a pleasure to watch again and I am firmly back on the bandwagon. We try and catch every game on TV is we can and I got myself a couple of personalised tops (Newman on the back and number 7 in honour of Rob Lee and what I presume is now an expired restraining order).

So my question is, is it ok for me to be a fairweather fan? Well, the whole notion of ‘fairness’ in terms of being a fairweather fan came into my mind earlier this year when there was a ballot for Carabou cup tickets in Wembley, which offered a staggered system with priority to season ticket holders and it went down in priority to general sale in the end. Of course if you were unsuccessful in one draw you were able to enter the next one down. If I’d entered the draws I was eligible for, and got tickets, would that be unfair on life long Newcastle United fans who’s been unlucky? Well, in my mind, no, it’s tough titties, it’s literally the luck of the draw.

A similar thing happened earlier in the year about Taylor Swift tickets. I’m not a diehard swiftie but I do absolutely love 1 and a half of her albums and would have quite liked to see her live. That would have of course meant someone who bleeds Taylor my have missed out but the hierarchy of what qualifies you to be able to get a ticket is out of my hands and my credit card details are equally as accepted as everyone elses. Not that I got tickets anyway so the Swift stans can exhale now.

There are people who have endured it all; the ups, the downs, the travelling, the bad weather, the lot so I get it, they feel entitled to perks over a fairweather fan because of they stood by their team when others, like me, didn’t. Would I give up my ticket to someone I knew was desperate to go and would mean the world to them to be there, more so than to me if I had gotten a ticket for either events? Absolutely I would, but would I give up my ticket for someone I didn’t know or had never met (and let’s be honest probably wouldn’t give up a Backstreet Boys ticket for me) and was whinging on Facebook about how unfair it all was? No, I wouldn’t.

I may, of course be biased, but the world needs the fairweather fan. We offer a kind of public service to you die hards, we let you educated us on all the facts you’ve accumulated over the years and are desperate to tell, and we offer some perspective when you’re getting a little over excited about something that really doesn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things. But I do promise that if you know me, and I have a ticket for something you’re desperate to go to, i’ll probably give it up for you. I’ll lord it over you for the rest of our lives, but I’ll do it.

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