Review: Tipsy Tacos bottomless brunch at 97 & Social, Jesmond

The majority of bottomless brunches we’ve tried thus far have all been in Newcastle city centre and although that’s where we’re going to continue to focus our attention, we couldn’t ignore what further afield also has to offer so if one or two in Jesmond or Gosforth also creep in, don’t get too upset, they’re only a 10 minute metro ride out of the centre anyway. One offer we absolutely couldn’t ignore was Tipsy Tacos at 97 & Social on Osborne Road which is part of the Cairn Hotel. Because with my pending trip to Mexico, I needed to get in the Mexican mood, and I have supportive friends like that.

The deal is £32.50 per person which includes sharing loaded nachos to start and a two tacos with the filling of your choice plus unlimited frozen margaritas, rose sangria, prosecco or sol with a 90 minute time limit.

I’d never been to 97 & Social but has always heard food things. We were there at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon and it was busy but not rowdy. The majority of people looked like they were having the tipsy tacos too and staff were quick and attentive. We were sat right next to the DJ booth which I thought might be a bit loud and overwhelming but it wasn’t and the chilled out 90s and early 00s RnB tunes were the perfect soundtrack for this group of early 40-somethings.

I’m often wary if cocktails are available on a bottomless brunch as sometimes they can take a while to make which means you don’t get a decent amount in your allotted time frame however the margaritas came from a slushie machine and it looked like there were a double of bar staff who were solely on bottomless brunch drinks and lining up rose sangria and iced bottles of prosecco and Sol so the serving staff could fulfil the orders quickly.

Food wise. I was ever so slightly disappointed with the size of the starters, which were served in medium sized ramekins for 2 people to share. Perhaps we’re just gals who like our food but we all agreed we could have easily manage one of those portions to ourself. The tacos were really lovely though; large and jam packed with whatever meat you chose, salsa, salad, sour cream and guacamole in large soft tacos, so they lined the stomach well for the onslaught of margaritas we were drinking. I had pulled pork in my tacos, which was on the bland side for me, I would have preferred more BBQ flavour however I think that was just a poor menu choice – Janine’s jumbo prawns, which were battered, looked incredible, as did Ang’s chicken.

I tried the rose sangria but to be honest it didn’t pack much of a punch in terms of flavour so alternated between the frozen margaritas, which, despite being pre made didn’t taste too sugary and artificial, and glasses of prosecco – which, lets me honest, you know where you stand with that one. Even when Dave joins me for a bottomless endeavour he goes for prosecco over beer, which is unusual for him.

As with other bottomless brunches we’ve been on recently, the staff are really good and letting you know when your time is nearly up and allowing you to order your final drinks about 5 minutes before the clock runs out which means we actually stayed there a little over 2 hours. I think considering what we paid and that a frozen margarita on it’s on from the normal menu is £8, we definitely got our moneys worth on this one!

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