A weekend away with just hand luggage

I’m a chronic over-packer, I like to have options because I don’t know what I’m going to want to wear on any given day. Sadly though, if you want to make the most of the cheapest of the cheap airfares, you can’t afford the luxury of choice, especially when adding an extra bag to your booking can sometimes be more expensive than the flight itself! Thankfully though there are loads of hand luggage bags on the market now which allow you to really utilise that small under seat space and take everything you need for a short trip without having to fork our for some overhead space.

This bag from Tik Tok shop caught my eye for a few reasons; I liked the subtle colours, that it had straps to be worn as a backpack for easy carrying, and it was only £8.99:

Our three night trip to Krakow was the perfect opportunity road test this out for as we were flying with Ryanair and their luggage allowance it’s probably the lowest of all the budget airlines. Deciding what to pack of course was a different matter because I needed to decide and stick to it. So, for starters I travelled in my bulkiest clothes; jeans, trainers a t-shirt and a hoodie. Next, I made sure everything I took matched with my plain white trainers, so this eliminated the need for extra shoes.

We had two full days, two evenings and the majority of the day we were travelling home and this is what I packed:

1 pair lightweight khaki trousers

1 pair shorts

1 plain black vest top

1 plain white t-shirt

1 dungaree jumpsuit

2 lightweight sundresses

6 pairs of underwear

1 spare bra

I always think jumpsuits and dresses are perfect when trying to travel light because they’re a complete outfit but only one item of clothing. And here’s the funny thing. I still didn’t wear everything. Well, I mean I tried, but when I put the jumpsuit on, the seams split when I sat down to curl my hair. So I had to wear what I planned to travel home in, then re-wear it again on the travel day. Which is a good lesson in not being afraid to wear something more than once.

So on the subject of hair, took my Mark Hill pic n mix wand which enables you to take a curling tong and a straightener attachment rather than two separate appliances so that saved space too, There was also room in the front of the bag for my phone charger (I took a charging pad as it’s nice a flat) and my wireless headphones.

For toiletries, again, I have a lot of products I like to take so I needed all my comfort products, with the added pressure of everything needing to be under 100mls. Again, the internet had thought of everything and this travel set from Amazon is so handy:

It was only £7.99 and it fits so many different things in so you can decant all your favourite products and the fact the bottles are squishy means you can manipulate them in the clear bag to bit more stuff in, including your make up that also counts as a liquid like eyeliner, concealer and mascara. Finally, I have a handbag sized backpack that folders up quite small which sat nicely on top do I could use that once I arrived and didn’t need to carry the travel bag around everywhere.

When I see everything listed out it sounds like absolutely loads, and in all honesty. I think I could have fit more in if I needed to; not much, but you know, a spare jumpsuit for when your fat arse splits the one you planned on wearing.

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