Review: Aspire lounge Manchester Airport terminal 2

You know the drill by now and how much we’re fans of an airport lounge. We’re firm believers that your holiday starts at the airport so why wouldn’t you kick off in style with a little extra treat?

A couple of things were different about our latest visit to an Aspire airport lounge though; for one, we were flying from Manchester instead of our local airport in Newcastle. Secondly, we were flying in the morning rather than the afternoon, which meant our menu choices, particularly around alcohol, would be slightly different. Not non existent of course, but perhaps more… Conservative.

The Manchester lounge located in terminal 2 is well away from the hustle and bustle of the departure lounge. So much so that once you step inside you genuinely do feel like you’re in a pub rather than an airport, and it’s instantly more relaxing. They had reserved us a table right by the window overlooking the tarmac, which was a nice touch and perfect for people watching the Jet2 staff have their morning stand up and see all the little buggies race off like they were in a Disney Pixar movie.

It was just after 8am when we arrived at the lounge so breakfast was much needed. They had a good selection of hot breakfast food, washed down with a cup of coffee. We had strategized before getting there as to what would constitute an appropriate breakfast drink and agreed a Bailey’s coffee would go down well. Sadly they didn’t have any Bailey’s though so just regular coffee it was, probably for the best at that time of day anyway.

Probably one of the best things about going at that time of day is the hot food options. When we’ve been to lounges before at lunch or tea time they have a couple of pasta or curry options, which, don’t get me wrong are always lovely, but not much beats a good old English Breakfast. And, since I consider myself as somewhat of a sausage connoisseur (steady) I can wholeheartedly say these passed the Newman sausage test so along with some scrambled egg in a bun, that set me up nicely for the day.

Of course once the first orange juice (with a healthy glug of vodka in) hit, airport rules kicked in where life gets lawless and you can eat or drink anything you want at any time so I put my big girl pants on and had a glass of wine; which was also really nice. Not something I’ll get into the habit of having at 9am though I promise!

The staff, as usual we’re all really friendly, and made sure all areas were kept nice and clean and cleared our empty plates and glasses away promptly. They allowed the right amount of people in too, so it wasn’t so busy that it felt cramped and noisy and everyone was able to get a good seat but busy enough it provided a bit of atmosphere. There’s a good amount of different types of seating so whether you want a higher table to work from or a more relaxed comfy chair to enjoy a few drinks it’s all there plus free Wi-Fi and loads of charging points around to make sure all your devices are fully juiced up before your flight.

Not flying from your local airport always provides extra stress; Manchester is a 3 hour drive for us so we ended up going down the night before on this occasion, but that long journey in the rain was made much better knowing that once we were checked in the next morning, we had something to look forward to and somewhere quiet to relax before our ten hour flight. Visiting a lounge is something we will do time and time again as we hopefully travel even more in the future. We’re especially looking forward to our next trip out of Newcastle and the upcoming refurbished Aspire Lounge in Newcastle airport which includes two new adult-only lounge concepts; ‘Luxe’ and ‘Suite’ (sounds fancy doesn’t it?!)

And here’s me thinking it wasn’t possible to get even more excited about holidays!

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