Bowling for Soup at Newcastle City Hall

Dave and I never really agreed on music an yes we still have our faves which are probably polar opposites but I think as we’ve gotten older our tastes are starting to merge a little more. Or. Possibly more accurately, I’ve worn him down an brought him round to my way of my musical way thinking. One group we have agreed on from the very beginning though in Bowling for Soup and are someone we will go and see together time and time again whenever we get the chance.

The latest chance presented itself in mid February when Bowling for Soup swung by Newcastle and played the biggest venue they’ve played in a while; the O2 City Hall, as part of their You Asked for It tour. For us they’re one of those bands where we pretty much know their entire back catalogue so they could sing anything and we would be able to sing along. It means every tour is a new experience as, although there’s fan favourites they will always play, you don’t know what they’re going to sing. As long as they sing Turbulence; which is a song I just adore, and we would have had it as our first dance song at our wedding if it had been released then.

I’m happy to report that the set list (below if you’re interested) was near perfection and whilst I will always want to hear stuff off The Great Burrito Extortion Case, my favourite album, they still did their back catalogue justice. Stand outs for me were Ohio (Come Back to Texas) – which contains one of the best lyrics ever ‘she went to Cleveland, with some guy named Leland, that she met at the bank’ and Life After Lisa, a joint favourite of mine and Dave’s and one I swear inspired Taylor Swift’s ‘No That We Don’t Talk’ – the lyrics are so similar!

The great thing about Bowling for Soup though is that they’re not just your average guitar band and they bring oodles of personality on stage. The rapport they have is so sweet to watch especially between Jaret and Rob. And they’re all incredibly funny and there are no moody rock n roll egos here. They exude positivity from interaction with the crowd, to telling off drunken knobheads spilling beer over people to Jaret opening up about his mental health struggles and encouraging kindness and unity. The visuals and pyrotechnic were also really impressive and I loved the fact they stayed on stage in-between the last song of the main set and the encore.

Don’t let the japes and hi-jinx fool you though, they’re also all extremely talented musicians; everything sounded absolutely note perfect. They’re a band for me who just get better and better. And did they sing Turbulence? Yes they did? Did me and Dave get to listen to one of our favourite love sings together and coo over how lovely it would have been to have that song in the wedding? No. Because Dave was late back from having a Pat Cash.

I’m tying him to his seat next time. And there will be a next time. Just hope it’s soon.

Full setlist:

  1. Emily
  2. My Wena
  3. Out the Window
  4. Ohio (Come Back to Texas)
  5. Life After Lisa
  6. The Last Rock Show
  7. Punk Rock 101
  8. Two-Seater
  9. Today Is Gonna Be a Great Day
  10. High School Never Ends
  11. Turbulence
  12. Almost
  13. The Bitch Song
  14. Girl All the Bad Guys Want
  15. 1985

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