Review: WC Newcastle bottomless afternoon tea

Newcastle upon Tyne is famous for a lot of things; the Tyne Bridge, St James’ Park, Ant & Dec and the Bigg Market toilets. First opened in 1898, every man I know had taken a rite of passage Matt Le Tiss in one of the 18 urinals until it eventually closed in 2012 as it wasn’t making the council any money. The ladies side was closed in 1950 but believe me, would could smell it long after it was decommissioned. So, what’s the most Geordie thing you can do with a disused slash-house? Turn it into a pub of course.

Absolutely leaning into the history of the building; WC Newcastle opened in 2020 and they’ve kept, what I imagined are a lot of the original fixtures in terms of the tiling and you can tell is was once a toilet – and I mean that in the best, funniest, most kitsch way possible. They’ve even managed to removed the smell of 100 years worth of Geordie urine.


You know I love a bottomless brunch/lunch/anything but what you may not know is I’ve never been the biggest fan in the world of afternoon tea; there’s never a good time to eat it, the scones always have raisins in and it’s normally just too carb heavy and I feeling like I’ve not had enough of anything yet weirdly bloated and uncomfortably full. I’m also always very dubious about cocktails being including in a bottomless deal as they always take a long time to make (if done properly) so are you missing out on valuable drinking time waiting for your margarita to be shook. Still, I’m a scientist, so I have to put these pre-conceptions aside in order to conduct a fair experiment.

The last Sunday of every month the WC Newcastle team host their Tipsy Tea Party which is £35 for 90 minutes of bottomless cocktails, proscecco, wine and beer alongside a menu of cakes and sweet treats. Handy to know because an all sweet bottomless brunch is new for me and I definitely needed to prepare for our visit by having some sourdough and eggs inside me to line the stomach.

The bar opened promptly at 2pm which was when our table was booked for and everyone in the bar was doing the bottomless afternoon tea which was good, it meant the staff were hot on it drinks wise. You got a glass of prosecco as soon as you arrived and could also place an order for cocktails. Your food; a birdcage full of savoury and sweet treats was waiting for you when you arrived so you could tuck straight in!

I was particularly impressed with the quality of the food. I’d thought I’d read online that the food was all sweet stuff but what we had was a real picture of savoury pastries, scones and sweet things. And there was lots of it, so much so actually we ended up taking the cupcakes home with us for later!

I also needn’t have worried about the cocktail issue either because the staff were brilliant and keeping the cocktails flowing, with two mixologists solely on cocktail making duties. In-between waiting for your drinks (which wasn’t long) you could always have a top up of prosecco, so you literally never had an empty glass. Dave and I had a great time working our way through the menu and particular standouts for me where the Rose and Lychee Martini and the lemon sherbert, which was limoncello, citrus vodka and lemon juice and served as a really nice pallet cleanser in-between drinks.

We’ve done a couple of bottomless brunches now and WC Newcastle definitely rates high in terms of value and quantity. They only do one a month (the last Sunday of the month) so make sure you get booked in, in advance, and have fun working your way down the cocktail menu you like did!

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