Boots £10 Tuesday

Boots £10 Tuesday is something I’ve been a fan of for a while now and it’s something that seems to fly relatively under the radar. I’ve known about it for a while so assumed everyone else did too. It’s essentially something Boots Online does every Tuesday where a handful (usually between 25-30) products are available for £10. In certain circumstances that can work out as quite a bargain, others not so much. Since it’s something I’ve been dabbling in there are some tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way so here’s everything you need to know about Boots £10 Tuesday.

  • It’s every Tuesday unless there’s a bank holiday and it gets moved to the Wednesday
  • It’s strictly online only
  • I’m not entirely sure what exact times the products are available, I’ve looked just after midnight before and there’s been nothing there. I think it’s probably all live by about 6am
  • There tends to be themes every week, for example sometimes there will be lots of baby products, other times lots of a particular brand (I’m always on the look out for Nivea or No7 discounts) so there may not be something for you every week
  • There’s almost always a sex toy available – if that’s your thing
  • If you send over £15 you can get free click & collect in store – handy if your local Boots is a five minute walk away and saves you £3.95 on postage
  • Items with the biggest discounts are the best value. It always lists how much you’re saving, so savings which puts the item at half price or more are usually worth it, items where you’re only saving a couple of pounds means they’re likely to also be on offer elsewhere.
  • Obviously it’s massively beneficial if you’re a fan of their own brand (they have No7 on offer quite regularly) or any products like Ted Baker beauty that are exclusive to Boots.
  • It’s always worth cross checking with local supermarkets or Superdrug. For example, my favourite Nivea hyaluronic acid serum is normally £19.99 full price, it was once on £10 Tuesday but available from Superdrug for £8.99 with a Superdrug Beauty card. So, the £10 price may still not be the cheapest online.
  • Remember it’s only a bargain if it’s something you need or something you would buy anyway.

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