The problem with living for the weekend

Most things are evenly split in our house; from everything to housework to our finances Dave and I are very different people but we’ve been together almost 20 years now and we know how to play to our strengths. Dave is a forward planner. And yes I like to know what’s happening, where and when, but when I say Dave’s a forward planner I mean like years and years down the line, when we retire. And that’s great because I means I don’t have to worry about it, he’s got it covered. I’m much more a sort term planner; what are we doing this weekend, next weekend, next month, when’s our next holiday etc etc.

And whilst we may tease each other about my lack of ability to see too far into the future and Dave short memory for what we have planned from one weekend to the next; it’s actually a strategy that works well for us. We have a shared Google calendar that all our social engagements go into and I trust Dave and his magical spreadsheet to insure we’re able to retire on the earliest day possible.

Since my operation over a year ago, I was determined to live for the weekend even more so this year because for the first quarter of last year, I was unable to do much at the weekend at all. And I went gung ho into 2024 with all the concerts, new restaurants I wanted to try, comedy shows and bottomless brunches I could think to book. And they’ve all been brilliant. The problem with living for the weekend though? It actually makes you pretty miserable the rest of the time.

I started off this year living for the weekend so much that come Monday morning I was in a vat of depression; and I enjoy my job for the most part so it’s not like I felt unfulfilled in that aspect of my life. It was more the treadmill of life through the week; work, gym, tea, telly, bed Rinse and repeat, 5 days a week and, well, I was bored. Now, I know you can’t be out living the high life 7 days a week, I couldn’t afford it more than anything, and in winter especially the weather is never conducive for getting out the house and doing stuff.

So, I think I need to rethink my plan to be doing all the fun things at weekends and perhaps start planning some fun things through the week, especially now the weather will be getting lighter and I can meet some friends for a walk or a peppermint tea somewhere, because why should Friday night , Saturday and Sunday get all the good press? Who says a Tuesday evening be the new Sunday morning?!

But the bottom line and what I soon realised is that the problem with living for the weekend is that you’re completely writing off almost 70% of your week. And that’s a large proportion of time to be bored or unhappy.

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