Review: Hard Rock Cafe, Newcastle bottomless brunch

I have a love/hate relationship with Hard Rock Cafe. I naturally absolutely love the music nostalgia element of it and how cool they were in the 90s (as opposed to Planet Hollywood, which I just thought was naff, being a music girlie over a film buff). But I hate the corporateness of it all, and that people will go there in foreign cities rather than try local restaurants and local cuisines. That said though, you know you’ve made it when your city gets a Hard Rock Cafe so to that end, Newcastle upon Tyne has made it.

We saw that HRC offered bottomless brunch via Living Social/Wowcher and jumped at the chance of a bargain with your friends Chris and Kate for a dull February afternoon. We paid £95 for the four of us which offered a main course and bottoms less draft drinks (lager or cider) or wine (red, white, rose or prosecco. Mains were thinks like burgers, and they all came with chips, which sounds obvious but when we did bottomless brunch at Las Iguanas last year they didn’t and I thought that was proper stingy!

Anyway, we booked a Saturday which came with an extra £5 per person price tag but it’s the the kind of things any of us would take time off work for. We arrived slightly earlier than our booking but they seated us straight away and got us started with our first round of drinks so we were off to a flying start. Food wise as well there was a good variety of what was on offer, our server took our orders quickly, and the food also arrived in good time and nice a hot.

I’m pleased we paid the extra fiver for a weekend booking because the atmosphere was great as was the music choices with loads of Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses and some 80s favourites of mine like Safety Dance and Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

Credit to our server she kept the drinks flowing without being intrusive , we were never long with n empty glass before she got us another round and I was lovely the generous sizes of wine that I moved onto after I was sick of prosecco.

The only thing that really tarnished it for us was that someone who I assume was a general manager came over and tried to turf us out of our table rather abruptly telling us that they needed the table back in 10 minutes time even though our server had just put our last round of drinks through. I appreciate that they’ve made reservations after up but if we’ve jut been given a drink by another member of staff it’s not exactly our problem that you suddenly need the table back – it’s not like we demanded to stay there and wouldn’t move. Anyway they must have sorted it out between them because we were able to finish our drinks leisurely and rolled on home happy – and a little bit tiddly.

Yes having a voucher makes it a little more of a bargain, but add on the extra £5 each we pretty much ended up paying full price, however for the amount we had to eat and drink it still worked out as a good deal. Certainly drinks wise it’s one of the better bottomless brunches we’ve tried in the city.


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