What is Chub Rub and how do I make it stop…?!

‘In the heat, my thighs chafed together and bled. I was very unhappy, and yet no one ever asked me how I felt’ - Marcus Brigstocke When it comes to mates I've got some some of the best ones and between the 6 of us I don't think there's much that we don't talk about … Continue reading What is Chub Rub and how do I make it stop…?!

Road to the Great North Run 2017

'Only when you are challenged, and only when you challenge yourself, do you discover what truly matters' - David Levithan Running. Where do i beginning with my running story? Well it's less of a story and more of an anthology these days considering. To cut a very long story short, I started running in 2013 … Continue reading Road to the Great North Run 2017

10 of the Best: Quotes for an Overthinker

'I admire the linear and decisive way a certain kind of man thinks, to my curlicue boundless overthinking' - J. Courtney Sullivan I tried really hard this year not to make any resolutions because they're always the same, eat better, exercise more etc etc but one thing I have been consciously trying not to do … Continue reading 10 of the Best: Quotes for an Overthinker

Run a 10 Minute Mile in My Shoes….

'It's not that your goals are physically impossible that's keeping you from achieving them; it's that you lack the self-discipline to stick to them. It's physically possible to lose weight. It's physically possible to exercise more' - Daniel Goldstein I'll openly admit that I'm probably one of the messiest, laziest person you're ever likely to … Continue reading Run a 10 Minute Mile in My Shoes….

Silidyn Rejuvenate Review

'All those vitamins aren't to keep death at bay, they're to keep deterioration at bay' - Jeanne Moreau It’s that time of year isn’t it? Post Christmas, it’s started to snow and  the (quite literal) gallons of prosecco that has passed through my body over the last few weeks have started to take their toll … Continue reading Silidyn Rejuvenate Review

Are cheap ‘Fitbits’ any good?

'Walking at a moderate pace for an hour a day is considered a moderately intense level of exercise' - Michael Greger I wasn’t all the sold on Fitbit’s when they first appeared. Mainly because I thought they looked like a court ordered electronic tag than a fancy-dan pedometer. Everyone who has one though seemed to … Continue reading Are cheap ‘Fitbits’ any good?

Getting My Running Mojo Back

'I don't generally like running. I believe in training by rising gently up and down from the bench' - Satchel Paige I've always had a love hate relationship with running, well with exercise in general to be honest. I only ever joined the gym because i'd started Weight Watchers and realised that the more exercise … Continue reading Getting My Running Mojo Back