Starting your own business? Read this first…

  'The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity' - Peter Drucker I've written before about how much I admire people who don't just sit around talking about changing the world; they go out and do it (like my friend Gemma launching her own clothing line). So when … Continue reading Starting your own business? Read this first…

5 top tips for travelling with work

‘In some ways I like traveling, in other ways I'm sort of fed up by the whole notion’ - Joe Sacco I’ve always imagined that anyone who gets to travel for work must lead an incredibly glamorous lifestyle; and I always loved the hustle and bustle of train stations and airports, full of people going … Continue reading 5 top tips for travelling with work

3 Nights in Bangkok

'I can't get to the bottom of Bangkok, and I never will' - Lawrence Osborne When it comes to holidays, a twin centre type deal isn’t always my favourite concept. We got it horribly wrong when we went to Cuba in 2011 where we did the beach aspect first and by the time 3 nights … Continue reading 3 Nights in Bangkok

Growing up in the Army

‘You find that a lot of stage actors are Army or Navy brats, because they have the ability to make a big impression, make friends, and then leave just a few months later’ - John Michael Higgins I’ve asked around a lot of my friends and we’ve all come to the conclusion that it’s a … Continue reading Growing up in the Army

The 11:11 Theory

‘I love conspiracy theories. I used to just live on it. You know it's all hype and garbage, but you're still really paranoid afterwards’ – Doug Stanhope I’m not usually one of conspiracy theories. Similarly, I’m not a massive believer of coincidence either, mean sure there are things where you think ‘wow that’s spooky’ like … Continue reading The 11:11 Theory

Newcastle’s Top Ten Best Kept Secrets

'For some reason, it is always thrilling to spot your home town in the news' - Craig Brown There are many things Newcastle is known for: Grey’s Street, which has been voted one of the best streets in Europe, being a nightlife hotspot and, of course, being home to the mighty Newcastle United. But among … Continue reading Newcastle’s Top Ten Best Kept Secrets

Modelling with Belle Bridal Magazine

‘The outfits come and go but there is a constant that I like about the catwalk model: the snotty expression’ - Arthur Smith Since starting this blog there are many things that I never dreamed would happen; I never thought I would get posted lovely beauty products to try out for free, I never imagined … Continue reading Modelling with Belle Bridal Magazine