February Very.co.uk Haul

‘I’m a pretty big clothes horse. I shop for clothes constantly. I do so much shopping. I should go to Shoppers Anonymous’ – Tiffani Thiessen

Since changing jobs a few years ago and no longer working in the centre of town, the amount of clothes shopping I do on the internet has increased by about 300%! I find there are pros and cons with internet shopping, I think the discounts are bigger than in store, and you can more often than not spread the cost over a few months, but of course, you can’t try anything on. I’ve gotten pretty good over the last few years knowing what suits me and what doesn’t and what size I am in particular shops. I’d been off work poorly last week, and a discount code for Very.co.uk popped into my inbox so I had a shifty to see if any of the items on my wish list where in the sale, and lo and behold, they were!

Here’s what I ordered, and how they look on:

Rochelle Humes Contrast Strap Bodycon Dress – £29.50

rochelle-humes-forvery-contrast-strap-bodycon-dress 20150226_204937 20150226_205025

Rochelle Humes Animal Print Scuba Skirt – £11


TFNC Staley Cullotte Jumpsuit– £21

image1xl 20150226_213556

Apart from a slight hiccup with the leopard print skirt, where they sent me  the top instead, i was very impressed with Very.co.uk’s speedy delivery  (ordered on the Saturday, arrived on the Monday), and their customer service  when they sent me the wrong item was excellent. I’m dead pleased with how  everything looks on and is true to size and photos on the website. I just need to  find some occasions to wear it all now!

January’s Top Picks – The Month of French Fashion!

‘Fashion is always of the time in which you live. It is not something standing alone. But the grand problem, the most important problem, is to rejuvenate women. To make women look young. Then their outlook changes. They feel more joyous’ – Coco Chanel

I think there must be something about French fashion that draws me in like a magpie. Everyone already knows my obsession with French clothing company Rad. One of my other clothing staples is La Redoute and I’ve had an account with them since I was 16.

I haven’t ordered from them in a few months, mainly because I’ve always had something to save for; a wedding, a honeymoon, a holiday etc and my spending footprint has been solely on eBay or in Primark but i was flicking through their latest catalogue and along with the 20% discount code they’d sent me, i couldn’t help myself from order the following:

324494378_3_CO_1_324494378-82791053-33af-491c-b3b5-8771ee930e13 20150123_080558 20150123_080613

Slash neck t-shirt with bows at the back (blue) – Colour isn’t quite how it looks online, it’s not quite as electric blue in real life but being blonde it’s still a colour that suits me and teaming it up with a white cotton scarf kept me more cosy in my cold office at work!

324494378_2_CO_2_324494378-f8ab95b3-a2f3-405d-9950-870240b98df2 20150124_143335 20150124_143359

Slash neck t-shirt with bow at the back (green) This colour was much more true to life (I love a darker green in Autumn/Winter) and the darker colour makes it a little smarter than the blue. They’re both slinky material so cant wait to dress them up with a pencil skirt and statement jellewery like the necklace above.

324492197_0_PR_1_324492197-b2e9aaf0-1cab-4038-80a5-18c68fe6246b 20150130_090331

Cropped Devoré Knit T-Shirt with Faux Leather Panel – not actually sure what that model is wearing underneath this top as it’s REALLY see-through, but I think it looks good with either black or white vest underneath and zooshed it up with some Clinque Red-Y to Wear High Impact lippy!

As well as the mini haul from La Redoute I was also lucky enough to get a £30 credit from Rad.co because of the referrals that have come from my previous blog posts so I treated myself to these beauts:

133683_outfitoflove_raisedonchampagne_sols11500_blanc 20150117_231810

Raised on Champagne by Outfit of Love (£12.95 reduced from £37)

129808_flyart_hatsuhana_gi18000_sportgrey 20150125_121206

Hatsuhana Chases Waterfalls by Fly Art (£16.95 reduced from £29.99)

126580_acidclothing_ihaveissues_sols11500_noir 20150129_080208

I Have Issues by Acid Clothing (13.95 reduced from£19.90)

Special mention goes to the £7 Red Blazer from the Primark sale pictured above with the ‘Raised on Champagne’ T-Shirt





What Do You Get The Girl Who Has Everything?

‘In suggesting gifts; money is appropriate, and one size fits all’ – William Randolph Hearst

I don’t know about you but I have a distinct feeling that the older you get the harder you become to buy for. Gone are the days when I had a Christmas List as long as my arm full of cds, and gadgets or earmarking every other page in the back of the Argos catalogue.  I had a few things on my list (as mentioned here) but nothing major, and I really struggled giving people ideas of what they could get me.

Luckily, this Christmas I discovered the answer to the age old question ‘What do you get the girl who has everything’? Turns out, what you get her, is this:


It’s a bracket that sticks to the side of the bath so you can have a glass of wine whilst having that lovely Friday night, post gym, thank fluff the weekend is here soak. The funny thing is, I didn’t even know how much I needed this in my life until i got it! Here’s mine in action:



Bath time at the Newman’s just got way more fun!

Get your own Bath wine glass holder from the Handpicked Collection here (psst. it’s in the sale at the moment!)

29/12/2014 Bargain of the Day!

‘I think I’m slightly impulsive, sometimes organised and always in search of a bargain!’ – Lisa Snowdon

I took the plunge yesterday and ventured into the centre of Newcastle to do some sales shopping. I’ve always been a charity shop fan and some of my favourite clothes I’ve bought second-hand either in charity shops or from eBay, I have never had a problem with the concept of ‘pre-loved’. I’d never really noticed before, but it seems that even charity shops do January sales these days, which is great, considering the clothes are dirt cheap to begin with (even if you do have to riffle through rails of stained old rubbish before you find a gem)

And yesterday, find a gem I did, in the shape of this Levi’s denim pencil dress for a princely sum of……(wait for it)…….£4 (about $6). What gave me even more serious heart palpitations was that it actually fit!

20141230_135256 20141230_135309


Roll on the summer so I can wear it!

Sale! Sale! Sale!

‘I was long brought up to think that it was nothing short of a crime to miss a sale’ James Cash Penney

Being a total bargain queen, you can only imagine how excited i used to get when the Boxing Day Sales arrive. But of course, things are different these days, years ago there were two sales a year; boxing day/January and end of season sales in July and August. Nowadays every shop has an extensive sale rail all year round, so it takes the shine off a little bit, and I’ve always been the type of person that if there’s a bandwagon to be jumped on, I’m there with a pogo stick, i really am starting to be over the whole Boxing Day Sale madness.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the Next sale, which is probably the most famous one in the UK, regularly images like this fill the web as they open their doors at Stupid O’Clock in the morning so someone can get a half price work suit.

QUEUES_BOXING_DAY_SALES_23Queues outside the Silverlink Retail Park, North Shields branch of Next at 2.30am on Friday 26th December 2014

Call me crazy, but I’m usually in a Cava induced dreamy sleep at 2.30am on Boxing Day, rather than standing in the freezing cold trying to get a cut priced caffetiere, but that’s just me. I probably will brave the sales sometime next week once the crowds die down  but for now I’m staying firmly in my new Care Bear onesie, drinking Bailey’s coffee and do a bit of armchair shopping. I have had a little search around this morning and there are some brilliant online sales if, like me, you can’t be more than 2 feet away from a selection box. Here are some of my faves, happy shopping!

Rad.co – I can’t rave about this site enough if quirky pop culture references are your thing and I’ve already ordered two full price t-shirts in the last 2 weeks as they had free shipping on offer. They have a good sale selection, the sweatshirts in particular have good discounts, and shipping isn’t too badly priced at £3.95. They also ship to France and the USA.

Amy Childs – Great dresses which are surprisingly well made and figure flattering (especially for curvier/pear shaped ladies) still time to get something for that New Years Eve Party and there’s a further 25% off all sale items

Boots – I think people sometimes forget about cosmetics and beauty products in the melee of clothing sales, but i adore the Boots sale each year and try and stock up on my favourite products for the year ahead whilst they’re on offer (usually 3 for 2) its also a great time get Christmas beauty sets and perfume for a fraction of the price

Dorothy Perkins – One of my favourite clothing shops anyway as they offer NHS discounts all year round but what i love about their Boxing Day sale most is that EVERYTHING is in the sale, not just a selection (with up to 50% off), which means you’re almost certain to find something you like with some money off.

Play.com – Often seen as Amazon’s red headed step child but by far my favourite site for music, boots and electronics, it’s almost always cheaper than amazon (helped by the fact that the price you see if the price you pay – thee’s no shipping costs) and I’ve never not been able to find what i want on their. If you have some time off over Christmas, check out their current box sale on TV box sets