Lightning Light Lunch

There’s a lot of things you take for granted when you don’t realise what your life would be without them. People with driveways don’t realise how lucky they are until you live in a house that doesn’t have one and you have to lug your shopping in from the road. People with toenails don’t realise how lucky they are until they fall off. You get the picture.

I didn’t realise how lucky I was working in the centre of town until I didn’t anymore. The lunch options I’m faced with on a daily basis are the works café (not usually the supplier of the worlds most healthy options) or whatever I bring in from home (economical, but boring). Thankfully thought I occasionally get to work from our town centre location, which also means I get to rendezvous with Ang for lunch.

Sick of going to Pret every time we wanted to try out some of the local independent cafes that have pooped up in recent times.  One of the things putting me off trying different coffee shops was the worry that we wouldn’t get served within the hour and would be late back to work. And so the Lightning Light Lunch series was born. Can all these cafes get us fed, watered, updated on all the goss and back sitting at my desk within the hour? And do they tick all the boxes that a modern girl about town is looking for; can you pay by card, does it come in under a tenner, can we get seated easily? Let’s find out…

Laneway & Co
Pink Lane Coffee