Sunday Lunch Club

A few weeks ago we decided to treat ourselves to Sunday lunch in Newcastle city centre as we had a few jobs to do and I was about to be off in Eastbourne once again for a week.

Since Wetherspoons stopped doing their Sunday lunch clubs, which always used to be standard for us, I just assumed it would be easy to find a suitable alternative. Queue to us walking aimlessly round town for over an hour trying to find somewhere.

Turns our what I should have done is consulted my extended network of blogging friends because as it turns out, there are loads of great places you can get a good roast dinner, we were just in the wrong area of town!

So the Sunday Lunch Club was born and thus began our next north east adventure

Check out the list below to find the roast that suits you the most in and around the centre of Newcastle:



The Botanist

The Gosforth Hotel (Gosforth High Street)*

The Mayfair Pub & Kitchen*

Revolucion de Cuba*

The Stand

Union Rooms*

Links marked with a (*) are collaborative posts with the venue

As and aside, if you’ve made it this far down the page, I’m quite particular about my Sunday lunches, I think every is to an extent, in that there’s some standard items I like, therefore what I base my reviews on most. I strongly believe that stuffing is the MVP of a roast dinner, there for I tend to almost always go for the chicken. That said in the winter I don’t mind the occasional roast beef dinner, as it goes so well with red wine. I also get a little huffy when there’s too much mash on the plate as I would much prefer a couple of extra roasties to a pile of mash. All this considered though I do try and be as objective as possible when reviewing so as to provide a balanced view and understanding that not everyone is a chicken loving stuffing monster like me!