5 top tips for travelling with work

‘In some ways I like traveling, in other ways I'm sort of fed up by the whole notion’ - Joe Sacco I’ve always imagined that anyone who gets to travel for work must lead an incredibly glamorous lifestyle; and I always loved the hustle and bustle of train stations and airports, full of people going … Continue reading 5 top tips for travelling with work

Run a 10 Minute Mile in My Shoes….

'It's not that your goals are physically impossible that's keeping you from achieving them; it's that you lack the self-discipline to stick to them. It's physically possible to lose weight. It's physically possible to exercise more' - Daniel Goldstein I'll openly admit that I'm probably one of the messiest, laziest person you're ever likely to … Continue reading Run a 10 Minute Mile in My Shoes….

Are cheap ‘Fitbits’ any good?

'Walking at a moderate pace for an hour a day is considered a moderately intense level of exercise' - Michael Greger I wasn’t all the sold on Fitbit’s when they first appeared. Mainly because I thought they looked like a court ordered electronic tag than a fancy-dan pedometer. Everyone who has one though seemed to … Continue reading Are cheap ‘Fitbits’ any good?

Getting My Running Mojo Back

'I don't generally like running. I believe in training by rising gently up and down from the bench' - Satchel Paige I've always had a love hate relationship with running, well with exercise in general to be honest. I only ever joined the gym because i'd started Weight Watchers and realised that the more exercise … Continue reading Getting My Running Mojo Back

A hike around Sherwood Forest

'Exercise is important, but exercise in a gym is not important. Go and take a walk outside. Skip the umpteenth coffee date and go for a hike instead. Take the stairs. Walk your errands' - Daphne Oz One of the best ideas I think I'eve had this year was to write our bucket list down … Continue reading A hike around Sherwood Forest

Ultra Dave’s Ultra Diary – The Kielder 100K

Pushing your body past what you thought it was capable of is easy; the hard part is pushing yourself even further past what your mind wants to let you. That’s what ultrarunning is all about; introducing you to a self you’ve never known’ - Rex Pace When you start to think about people you really … Continue reading Ultra Dave’s Ultra Diary – The Kielder 100K

2016 Resolution number 6 – an Update

'It's not exactly the most relaxing activity, granted, but I always imagine I'm sweating out all the things weighing on my mind' - Becca Fitzpatrick Back in January it felt obligatory to jump on the blogging bandwagon that was doing the rounds that week and I created my 16 in 16. 16 resolutions for 2016 … Continue reading 2016 Resolution number 6 – an Update