Me, Myself and I #1

'No legacy is so rich as honesty' - William Shakespeare I stumbled across this idea from two great blogs I follow (Sarah and Suzie) who each take it in turns to ask each other 5 questions each month so that we can all get to know each other. So in homage to my 6 year old … Continue reading Me, Myself and I #1

How do you wear your bra in the morning?

'Dolly Parton, she's got her knockers...' - My Dad There are certain things that are sacred and individual to woman; your makeup routine for example (liquid foundation, mascara, powder, bronzer if you were wondering) the amount of times you'll attempt french plaiting your own hair before throwing a tantrum vowing to shave it all off, and how … Continue reading How do you wear your bra in the morning?


'The major reason why Instagram works is that you can follow anyone out there and start following their photos immediately - Kevin Systrom It feels like it's been May for a long time and I'm welcoming June and hopefully some warmer weather. Here's some of my Instagram highlights from May. admittedly there's a lot of alcohol involved, … Continue reading InstaMay

MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Drinking Game

'All's fair in love, war and challenges' - Johnny Bananas I wouldn't even go so far as to say that MTV's Real World/Road Rules spin of show The Challenge is one of my guilty pleasures, I don't feel guilty about how much I love this show at all! Anyone who watches the show regularly will … Continue reading MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Drinking Game

Seaside Newmans

'Celebrate what you want to see more of' - Tom Peters Christmas 2014 crept up on us as it invariably does and I was lucky enough this year to have some time off work between Christmas and New Year to have some well deserved family time. What was different about this year is that we … Continue reading Seaside Newmans

Misheard Song Lyrics

'I think as long as a song has beautiful lyrics, I'm so happy' Julie Andrews Over the Christmas period when the family were all together we all got talking about misheard song lyrics we believed to be true as children (or maybe even adults), so I've listed some of the most chucklesome ones that came up … Continue reading Misheard Song Lyrics

The Generic MP3 Player Shuffle Game – 17/12/2014

' So much of  life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness' - Sidney Poitier If you've never played the generic MP3 player shuffle game you really should! It's particularly fun at parties and really gives you a glimpse into the music tastes of your friends! The rules are simple, you start your … Continue reading The Generic MP3 Player Shuffle Game – 17/12/2014