Felling station used to be owned by the Brandling Junction Railway but was taken over by metro and after a 2 year refurbishment reopened in 1981. Felling is one of the largest towns in Gateshead and known for producing a host of professional footballers, probably most famous being Newcastle United and pop chart worrier Chris Waddle, who was born in Felling in 1960.

Coming from Sunderland you leave the platform to the right, walk south east along Quarry Row and you’ll come to The Mallard pub literally 100 yards away from the platform. As far as WBMT rules go, this ticks all the boxes so far!


Considering it was 8pm on a Saturday night after payday we were surprised at how quiet it was. Apart from us there were probably only about another 5 or 6 people dotted around the spacious bar area. Inside, the decor is everything you’d expect from a northern working class pub with dark wood and upholstery reminiscent of a social club from the 1970s. I’m also not too sure there’s much need for a Gollywog doll behind the bar in 2017 however , I digress…

The staff were extremely friendly when we arrived and we had a good laugh with a regular at the bar about my sweatshirt. One of the things I’ve loved most about this tour so far is how warm and friendly everyone has been, which can turn the most intimidating of pubs into a wonderful place to spend a few hours.

Drinks wise we were’t in real ale land anymore Toto and the wine is served from a box under the bar. That said it was £4.80 for a 175ml glass and a pint of Coors so this is now officially my new favourite pub in the world! It’s a shame it was so quiet really and if it’s not busy on a Saturday evening it’s hard to see when it ever would be and as such how it can stay in business. Perhaps we were just unlucky with our timings on this occasion.


Address: 10-12 Gosforth Street, Gateshead NE10 9LS
Tel: 0191 420 0285

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My experience of pubs in Gateshead is limited and despite sometimes using Gateshead Metro when I’ve been to the Sage it’s not a town I frequent all that often. Since I last visited though there seems to have been quite a bit of money ploughed into the area with a swanky new Vue cinema and little restaurant quarter.

The metro is integrated in Gateshead Interchange which is also a large bus depot and is used by over 4 million passengers annually making it the busiest transport interchange in Tyne & Wear – oooh!

If you exit the metro (which is underground) via Jackson Street, the closest pub you will come to is the Tilley Stone about 100 yards down Jackson Street and on your left. It’s another Wetherspoons (we have a sweepstake running on which chain or brewery will have the biggest presence on our guide!) and well, what can you say about a Wetherspoons? It’s pub by numbers.

This particular pub is fairly modern and clean, nicely decorated with the standard local pictures and factoids on the walls. There’s a long large bar towards the back on the left, with a seating area immediately as you walk in and more cosy areas off to the right. In front of the bar there’s some higher tables and bar stools in front of the bar for more casual drinkers or people who aren’t ordering food.

Drinks were your standard Wetherspoons offerings. They had a list of special cocktails on the wall however when I asked for a Strawberry Daiquiri the barmaid confessed no one had ever ordered one before and didn’t know how to make one. She did offer to find out however her cocktail making skills didn’t instill much confidence so I just got a glass of Prosecco instead. It was about 8pm on a Saturday night and the whole place felt like it was winding down a bit with little to no atmosphere.

Gateshead is steeped in local history so it’s almost a shame the that closest pub to Gateshead Metro is a Wetherpoons, there is a pub further down on Jackson Street; The Metropole, which has been through a massive refurbishment recently and looks like a much more traditional pub.


Address: 9-10 Jackson St, Gateshead NE8 1EE
Tel: 0191 478 0060
Web: https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/pubs/all-pubs/england/tyne-and-wear/the-tilley-stone-gateshead

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Gateshead Stadium

The only time I’ve ever been to Gateshead Stadium metro is the twice I’ve seen Bon Jovi there (don’t judge, it was the 90’s) and since the Stadium of Light down the road in Sunderland started hosting big shows, Gateshead has been demoted to the red headed step child of concert venues in the north east these days.

There’s no pub in sight immediately as you step off the metro, it’s all very residential and ‘urban’ (read into that what you will) however if you’re willing to put in the leg work, there is a really, really good pub about 15/20 minutes away from the station. Don’t let google maps fool you either, it will tell you the Schooner is only 0.5miles away from the metro, it’s not. Instead of type out all the route details below, here’s a screen shot of what I sent to Janine and Ang, who were meeting Steph and I there after work one Friday night (‘blur’ is supposed to say ‘blue’ attention to detail isn’t my strongest skill especially when I have a glass of wine in front of me)


Once you eventually arrive at the Schooner you’ll be met with a warm welcome. It’s not often that pubs manage to get the balance right by being able to be an all things to all people kind of place but the Schooner ticks all the boxes for me. We were only there for drinks (two large glasses of wine was about £6 ish, which is reasonable, tick one!) They have a good food menu which is prominently mexican food, which happens to be my favourite cuisine (tick two) and there are no visible TVs showing sports or bandit machines (ticks three and four).


All joking aside before we walked in i was worried it would be a local pub for local people and the music would stop as we swung the saloon doors open. That wasn’t the case at all though, there was a great ‘friday after work’ kind of atmosphere and there was a great mix of locals, friends having drinks  and couples enjoying some food.


The bar is well decorated with quirky pop art adorning the walls but manages not to fall into annoying hispter joint territory, it still feels very much like a local boozer. They have a great selection of local beers and a bottle of house white is only £11. They have an amazing jukebox selection and local bands play there regularly which i’m sure creates a fantastic atmosphere.

If you really don’t fancy the walk back up to Gateshead Stadium metro (no matter how spectacular the views of Asda and McDonalds are) and have some time on your hands it’s located right on the riverside and if you continue along the path for about 20 minutes you’ll end up back at the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle. That said, if you do make the walk, it’s totally worth it!


South Shore Road Gateshead NE8 3AF
Tel: 0191 477 7404
Website: http://theschooner.co.uk/

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