Exercise on Holiday

In 2014 I went on holiday 2 two weeks in Florida. I’d slimmed right down in preparation for going, eating sensibly, gone to the gym every day, and or the first time in a long time felt ‘bikini ready’. We had a fantastic fortnight driving around the state, visiting the parks, laying out in the … Continue reading Exercise on Holiday

What is Chub Rub and how do I make it stop…?!

‘In the heat, my thighs chafed together and bled. I was very unhappy, and yet no one ever asked me how I felt’ - Marcus Brigstocke When it comes to mates I've got some some of the best ones and between the 6 of us I don't think there's much that we don't talk about … Continue reading What is Chub Rub and how do I make it stop…?!

3 Nights in Bangkok

'I can't get to the bottom of Bangkok, and I never will' - Lawrence Osborne When it comes to holidays, a twin centre type deal isn’t always my favourite concept. We got it horribly wrong when we went to Cuba in 2011 where we did the beach aspect first and by the time 3 nights … Continue reading 3 Nights in Bangkok

How to humidity-proof your hair on holiday

'The key to beautiful, frizz-free curls in the summer is to keep hair healthy' - Jillian Hervey Once upon a time, not so long ago I was obsessed OBSESSED with my hair and how it looked, not being happy unless it was absolutely pa pa pa poker straighter. Problem is, it's got an annoying natural … Continue reading How to humidity-proof your hair on holiday

The Eden Project, Cornwall

'Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts' - Sigmund Freud When I was 18 I used to work for a local newspaper which we sold holidays through. One of the trips that was really popular was coach trips to the Eden Project, which baffled me as from what I could … Continue reading The Eden Project, Cornwall

Bahia Principe, Costa Adeje Tenerife

'A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking' - Earl Wilson When it comes to spending money Dave and I are at polar opposite ends of the spectrum. He would happily live the minimalist lifestyle if it meant he'd saved enough to retire at 45 where as … Continue reading Bahia Principe, Costa Adeje Tenerife

How Expensive is Norway?

'People moving to Norway has made Norway richer, economically, but also our culture has become more rich in many ways' - Jens Stoltenberg I've often found along our travels that certain countries get tagged with certain stereotypes that are either unfair or completely untrue. I've walked up some pretty steep hills in Holland, I know a … Continue reading How Expensive is Norway?