North Shields

You know what doesn’t fill me with much joy? When you google a pub to do some research and one of the first stories that come up is the Chronicle headline ‘Two Bailed after assault outside North Shields pub’. However rules are rules and if the rules are to go to the closet pub to the metro station then the closest pub is where we’re going to go. In the case of North Shields; that pub is Charlie’s Bar.


If you come out of North Shields station and turn left you will see Charlie’s on the corner 100 yards away. We visited on a Saturday lunchtime and there were a smattering of locals in and plenty of sport to watch on the TV. The décor is a standard working class North Eastern pub with the bar in the middle of the room, bar on one side and lounge area on the other.


I make a point of visiting pubs we wouldn’t normally with an open mind and as with most places we’ve visited on the tour where their reputation has preceded them; you shouldn’t always judge a pub but its façade (or Chronicle headlines). We were made to feel welcome when we arrived earlyish afternoon on a Saturday in November; it was just over £3 for a glass of wine and a half of Guinness and the barmaid was friendly when we asked for directions of how to get to the Ferry terminal. In fact, were it not for my inability to read a ferry timetable properly we probably wouldn’t have been in such a hurry and may have stayed for a second drink.

Yes it’s very rough around the edges and could do with some money being invested (neither of the female toilet cubicles had locks of the door for example) and I’m not entirely sure it’s somewhere I’d want to be at 10pm on a Saturday night but as somewhere to get a cheap drink or to start off a North Shields pub crawl it’s not too bad. The music on the jukebox was good too!


60 Nile Street, North Shields, Tyne And Wear, NE29 0BG

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Meadow Well

When Meadow Well station was built in 1982 it was originally called Smith’s Park but was changed with the name of the developing housing estate for which it now services. The area suffered after the 1991 Meadow Well riots and socially has never really recovered. It is still tarnished with a bad reputation which the development of Wet n Wild and the Royal Quays shopping outlet centre has been unable to remove.

It’s large a residential area so as such the closest pub isn’t all that close to the station. If you exit the station however and head towards signs to Royal Quays (its about 10 minutes along Bridge Road) You’ll end up at the Royal Quays Shopping centre and within that will find the Royal Quays Brewers Fayre.


Anyone who’s ever been to a Brewers Fayre pub will know that it’s pretty much family pub by numbers all the way down to the massive indoor and outdoor play areas where you can throw your little darlings while you queue up for your carvery Sunday dinner.


Were it not for it’s location within the shopping centre I can’t imagine why anyone would need nor want to visit this place. Sometimes you can rely on a chain to get exactly what you need when you need it and the only saving grace of this place was they had Doombar on tap. Everything else was just the dire side of bland.


Despite being midday on a sunday it was deserted and there’s nothing i hate more than having to line up for your sunday dinner so we went for a burger and fish and chips for our lunch. I asked for ketchup with my chicken burger which I had almost finished by the time the waiter brought it to me and Dave’s fish was so greasy the batter was inedible.

I’d love to say that this a pleasant little place to refresh and rehydrate after some shopping however my advice would be go to Subway instead.

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