Review: The Post Box, Ponteland

‘I’m happy to just sit in a cafe and watch people. It’s my favorite thing to do, for sure’ – Zoe Kravitz

Because I spent the best part of my childhood growing up in Holland and Belgium I like to obnoxiously consider myself as ‘European’ rather than ‘British’ despite the fact that most of most personality traits actually sway more towards the american super friendly, super positive vibe. You know, the kind of person who uses super as an adverb. In fact there’s a running joke in our family that when we were little, while I could be appeased with some blue ice cream, my brother would ask for a cappuccino.

Anyway, point being, I love a cafe and one of my biggest dreams in life is to live somewhere that has a small, quaint, quirky cafe in walking distance that I can go and blog from every Sunday. When I dream, I dream big. Sadly there’s isn’t one quite on my door step however a short drive away from us in Ponteland is the gorgeous small, quaint, quirky Post Box.


We visited at around 2pm on a Sunday afternoon and it was the perfect amount of busy, enough people to give it enough atmosphere but still plenty of seats left. There was a great mixture of clientele too, some cyclists in need of nourishment, families with children and couples ignoring each other reading the paper.

The menu is extensive with sandwiches, fresh soup, jacket potatoes and a favourite of mine; the all day breakfast. At the front counter there’s also a wide range of freshly made cakes, scones and tray bakes including gluten free options.


We were only in the mood for some coffee so had a cappuccino and a gingerbread latte respectively and in the name of science and research I sampled the coffee and walnut cake – which was delicious. The perfect mixture of soft moist sponge and buttery icing without the coffee taste being too over powering.


They’ve got the shabby chic decor down to a tee and I love a lot of the local art that adorns the walls. It’s interesting to know that they open on a Friday and Saturday evening as a night cafe where they serve nachos, cheeseboards and a small but perfectly formed dinner menu all based around having a glass of wine and sharing food with your mates.


The one sting in the tail? It was almost £9 for two coffees and a slice of cake, which means my meagre bank balance couldn’t afford a trip every week, however this Ponteland; the home of the gillet and ‘ladies who lunch’ so i’m guessing their overheads go someway to explaining the pricing structure.


The Post Box definitely earns a spot as one of my favourite cafes in the area and i’m excited to go back and see what their evening menu is like. If only they could consider relocating to the end of my street that would be ideal…



The Airport is a funny one because I’m not really sure why you’d be drinking around there unless you were leaving the city, and in that case you’ll probably be drinking on the airside in departures. We’ve given it a good go for you though because there are other options if you really need one.

First off there’s a pub on landside in the arrivals hall of the airport, but again, not sure why you’d be there unless you were waiting for someone or off somewhere nice. It has open foodcourt style seating so has 0% atmosphere; you’d be quite literally be having a beer in the middle of the check in queues. There’s also a Hilton Double Tree and Premier Inn which both have bars, to the left of the airport as you come out the main doors and are pretty much what you’d expect from big chain hotel bars (and the Doubletree bar was closed when we visited at about 4pm on a Saturday afternoon).

Your best bet if you’re looking for somewhere to wet your whistle in the vicinity is to come out the main doors and across the short stay car park towards the petrol station. Running along the side of the petrol station is a little dirt track, which  you follow along to the right, cross over the road/roundabout and keep walking straight ahead (sign posted for Ponteland) for about 5 minutes you’ll eventually come across The Badger.

If you’ve ever visited a Vintage Inns chain pub you’ll know what to expect but don’t let the fact that The Badger is a chain put you off. It gets the balance just right between being a family orientated gastro pub and  cosy real ale country drinking pub. And because of that it’s always busy. Much like the Twin Farms in Ban Foot the decor is all tartan wall paper, roaring fires and rustic vibes but hey, it works and the fact that there’s not a plasma screen in sight and lots of little nooks and crannies to find a table, it’s a real ‘talk to each other’ pub!

As it boarders the rather affluent village of Ponteland, it’s on the pricey side of reasonable so don’t be shocked to pay about £9 for a glass of wine and pint of real ale. They have a good selection of both though and I’ve always been a fan of places who use massive wine glasses, i’m happier than a kitten under a leaky cow when I have a massive goblet of wine in front of me! Doom Bar is the resident ale on the handpull a selection of guest regional ales to sample. They have draught beer and cider including Peroni, Estrella Damm and Aspall Cyder and fridges full of craft beers and bottled ciders.

If you don’t fancy the 10 minute walk from the Airport metro then it has a massive car park and its kid and dog friendly, so, you’ve no excuse really now have you?!


Street Houses, Ponteland, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Tyne And Wear, NE20 9BT
01661 871037

Twitter: @BadgerPonteland

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