What I wore – February 2018

‘Once winter sets in I must have the sun and warmth. I need to be in the sun’ – Narciso Rodriguez

Quick side boob by way of scene setting. Davy suffers really badly from SAD syndrome (seasonal affective disorder) which means as soon as Christmas is over he’s as miserable Jordan in a polo neck. So for the last 2 years we’ve decided to take the post Christmas lull by the horns and book some winter sun. You know, for medical purposes.

So this month #NewmansCloset over on Instagram went global as I spent the first half of the month in Thailand.  If ever there was visual representation of how freakin arctic it can be in the north east of England  compared to other countries in the world in February, it’s this:

It all started off so warm on holiday…

Cocktails at a skybar in Bangkok:

20180203_184115163895532.jpgBlack jumpsuit from Primark

Hanging out at the beach in Phuket:

img_20180205_211855_521342188976.jpgTop from GAP, skirt from La Redoute and my trusty Havaiana flip flops which I’ve had about 15 years and never wear down

Pool wear:


Beach coverups from H&M and Primark

The obligatory last night outfit:

img_20180213_184523_6541775342758.jpgSkirt and top both H&M, sandals from Primark

And then it all changed when we got home:

screenshot_20180227-212208887783422.jpgScarf: Thailand souvenir, jeans from Matalan, coat from Tu @ Sainsbury, trainers from Adidas Originals

On the snowiest day of the year (27th February):

img_20180227_205041_5771657431342.jpgJumper from Primark, jeans from Matalan, boots from George @ Asda

Bring on March and perhaps a little more ying (sunshine) and a little less yang (snow) because i’ll be completely honest, neither my wallet nor my waistline can afford a fortnight on the other side of the world every month!

Totally awesome tote bags

‘Everybody, when you go through the checkout line after you get your groceries and they say, ‘Paper or plastic?’ We should be saying, ‘Neither one.’ We should have our own cloth bags’ – Woody Harrelson


Can you believe it’s been a year now since the carrier bag charge was introduced in shops and supermarkets across the UK? I fought it for a long time, thinking ‘what’s another 5p on top of my shopping anyway and in fact I find it ironic the as soon as they introduced the charge, they also improved the quality of the bags, nice to know that 5p is being spent wisely, not wasted on, you know the environment and stuff.

Then there’s Primark who have tried to get around it by offering paper bags. Whilst they may be biodegradable and made from recycled toilet paper, they’re not much good in the rainy North East. More than once I’ve had to rescue my £4 pyjamas from the soggy pavement of Northumberland street after the smallest of downpours.

So i deceided to bite the bullet and invest in  some of the funky canvas bags that are now so readily available since the carrier bag charge was introduced. Plus Dave takes great pleasure in referring to me as his ‘Bag for Life’ in an oh so hilarious cockney rhyming slang kind of way, so if i’m going to be referred to as one, I’m making sure I own some cool ones:

The Body Shop Foundation Bag for Life – £5

The Body Shop have always been environmentally conscious. Back when I was a tweenager and stocking up on my White Musk shower gel they were probably the only brand on the market that could categorically say they didn’t test on animals. I love a cheesy empowering statement and this speaks to my creative side, because sometimes  shopping in Tesco on a rainy monday night is exactly when we need reminding to follow our passions.

Rad.co Canvas Shopper – £12.90


Rad.co has been one of my favourite online shops over the last year years, i have to stop myself every month buying all their hip hop inspired arty t-shirts and although they seem to have taken a left down Crass Alley recently, this is still my favourite canvas bag of the lot of them. it’s a little smaller than the other two but does perfectly to carry a change of clothes when I’m out straight from work on a Friday. And all my colleague love the opportunity to quip that I shouldn’t be bringing my emotional baggage to work with me, har dee har.

Funny Geordie Tote Bag for Life – £8


One for the Geordies or the Geordies at heart, i would giggle to myself every time i saw this in the window of Upside Down, which is a tiny little Geordie themed gift shop opposite Prima Italian restaurant on Dean Street. They do a huge range in funny gifts, i can’t wait until one of my friends is pregnant so i can buy them a ‘holy shit you’re up the duff’ greetings card. Definitely somewhere wroth a visit in the run up to Christmas. you can also order most of their gifts online.


Primark Haul – July 2016

‘Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes’ – Karl Largerfeld

Since i changed jobs in 2012 and no longer work in the centre of town, I rarely get the opportunity to browse around the sales – much to the delight of my bank balance I must admit. Go are the days when clothes shops had sales twice a year, there seems to be bargains to be had year round if you look hard enough for them and I miss spending my lunch hour searching for a new top to wear at the weekend.

This month i had a rare afternoon off work and since no one else was around to take me off to the pub (my usual favourite flexi day past time) I decided to hit up Primarni in Newcastle to see what I could be tempted with.

I’ve written before about how I feel Primark has been in slow decline quality wise over the last few years so I was expecting the age old girl problem of having money to spend and not being able to find a damn thing you like. Thankfully the shopping gods seemed to have been smiling down on me that afternoon and I managed to come away with this little lot for £25…

Navy embellished top – £3

I don’t wear nearly enough navy despite it suiting my skin tone more than black. This will go perfectly with some light denim cutoffs I recently customised from a full length pair and I love how an embellished neckline means you don’t have to worry about jewellery. The cut out back is a bit low but i’m planning on pinning it shut to avoid any underwear on show!

Burgundy gathered top – £3


Both the colour and style of this suits my shape and skin tone well, I like how it’s slightly gathered at the bottom so looks slightly bubble hemmed and longer at the back covering my massive badonkadonk.

Burgundy casual sweatshirt – £5


I’m like a magpie for burgundy and maroon things at the moment. I saw the lovely Chloe from New Girl in Toon had got her hands on a super cute coffee inspired jumper from Primark which I fell in love with but sadly it’s sold out. This was the next best thing, it’s pretty thick and snuggy so not really ideal for this humid spell we’ve been having recently but I’m really looking forward to weaing it when we go to Norway in September!

Active burnout gym top – £2

I saw a girl wear this i the gym recently and almost asked her where she got it from but bottled out. When I saw it on my way out of the shop I was so excited, then imagine my bliss when I saw it was reduced to £2! It was worth waiting in the 15 minute queue all over again! I’m not actually a fan wearing white at the gym so I’ll probably wear this casually on a Sunday with some cropped leggings or black jeans. The batwing style and open back make it way too nice for the sweaty gym anyway!

Plain crew neck t-shirts in lemon and black – £2.30 each
Cutout tribal statement necklace – £2
Triangle statement necklace – £2


Never underestimate the power of a plain t-shirt and a statement necklace, its become my go to look when I want to look nice with minimal effort. These t-shirts are actually for the mens section but I kind them to be better quality and a better fit then what Primark offer in the womans section despite being cheaper as well. I find if I choose a small mans slim fit top it’s the perfect size 12/14 and then roll the sleeves up slightly to make it look more feminine.

My friend Carrie is the queen of the statement necklace (which is handy when you want something new to wear but can’t afford anything so she opens up her wardrobe to you!). I loved these two which I think will go with pretty much anything, and when you see similar styles going for almost £20 in Topshop and Dorothy Perkins, snapping them up for only £2 each was a real bargain

Brow bar sunglasses – £3

These are the only full priced item I bought in the end! Because my eyes are blue they’re really sensitive to the light, and even wear sunglasses in the dead of winter to protect them from natural brightness. As such I go through sunglasses like socks so always on the look out for different styles to add to my collection. Although the frame is mostly plastic I love the metal brow bar and look forward to the 2 weeks i’ll have them in my possession before inevitably scratching or sitting on them!

This is definitely the most successful haul I’ve had in a while, it’s rare I have the patience to wade through the racks of crap to find something I like, particularly in Primark where it can all become a bit of a jumble sale. As Primark is so cheap ever at full price you can get some real, real steals if you’re prepared to roll your sleeves up, sharpen your elbows and dive in.

Why I’m in a huff with Primark

‘One of my biggest concerns is just how cheap we expect everything to be’ – Lily Cole

I remember when Primark first appeared on Northumberland street in 2001 and it almost had a Bon Marche feel to it, it was all very basic and dowdy and all I ever bought form there was a few  basic t-shirts for my holiday in Australia that year. Back then I was a worshiper at the church of New Look and Dorothy Perkins because they were the only 2 decent clothes shops in Cramlington. Slowly over time though Primark started to get it’s act together and stocked more trendy stuff. Now it’s the go to places for fast fashion.

There seemed to be a sweet spot right around 2009-2012 when everything I bought from there was a winner; everything seemed to fit well, be reasonably well made and last for yonks. Some of my favourite items of clothes I’ve got are from Primark and have washed well:

20141221_191720 wpid-20151010_114344.jpg  wpid-2015-10-11-16.16.21.jpg.jpeg wpid-20151010_193038.jpg

Apart from the shoes in the first picture I’m H2T in Primark but all this stuff was bought at least 2 years ago

So here’s my beef. I was after some black and white vests to wear on holiday this year so went straight to Primark as they were only £2.50 each. I have 4 vests from there already (2 black and 2 white) which feels like I bought a lifetime ago and the elastic in them is so good in them they practically act as shapewear. The vest I bought this time round were absolutely abysmal. The white in particular were practically transparent. I bought my normal size and they were skin tight and way too short, and the elastic was like an invisibobble; once it was stretched it wouldn’t stretch back rendering it utterly shapeless after one wear. In the end I got some fantastic vest from H&M down the road for £3.99.

H&M Jersey top £3.99

H&M Jersey top £3.99

It’s not only the quality of their clothes that has gone down either. I have always bought make up brushes from them as well, the hairs never stayed on for any great length of time, but at £1.99 for a pack you could afford to replace them every couple of months and they worked great. Now they’ve obviously used cheaper materials because the ‘hairs’ now feel like they’re made out of barbie hair and just kind of smear the foundation over my face rather than blends it in.

They’ve changed their sizes in the underwear section. Sizes used to go 8-10 (small) 12-14 (medium) and 16-18 (large) and their medium knickers and pyjamas used to fit me perfectly. Now, all of a sudden a medium is a 10-12 yet a large is still 14-16. IT MAKES NO SENSE! And now their medium knickers give me a massive muffin top because they’re too tight. They’ve done the same to their bikinis. I always went for a size bigger in swimwear to fit over my massive badonkadonk and now I’ve had to go two sizes bigger because they come up too small all of a sudden. The sizes of their trousers are also particularly all over the place. It’s not really doing much for my body confidence I must admit.

Now I know what you’re thinking; ‘what do you expect for a couple of pounds you rhino arsed tightwad’? But therein lies my third and final issue. I’ve said many a time that I’m a quantity over quality girl, I get bored easily so I like choice and options. I’m not entirely convinced Primark are as cheap as they used to be to enable me to keep up that attitude. A few years ago I got a winter coat with faux fur collar for £15 (and that was expensive for Primark back then) now you’d pay £25 or £30 which I know doesn’t break the bank but with online brands like Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing hot on their heals competition wise, they’re not the cheapest option any more. Not only are their prices steadily on the increase but their pricing structure doesn’t seem to make any sense. Some standard basic shell blouses (or ‘pub tops’ as I call them) are a fiver, yet what looks like almost the same top but with a few extra buttons is £12. It makes no logical sense and it makes all the hairs on my blonde head hurt. Problem is, I wouldn’t mind paying a little more if the quality was better, or even remained the same, I understand cost of living increases 100% but they’ve hiked their prices up and are using cheaper tatty material. Boo.

I’m not saying I’ve written them off completely, I must have one of their cotton pencil skirts in every colour; they’re so comfy and only a fiver. All I’m saying is, I can see what you’re up to Primark, I can see your prices slowly going up and your quality slowly going down, and I’m keeping a very close eye on you. Sleep with one eye open….


If Carlsberg did Wedding Dress Shops….

Try everything on, even gowns that you don’t think you’ll love. You might be surprised and fall in love with a gown that you weren’t drawn to at first’ – Reem Acra

I reckon, even the girls who say they’re not bothered about getting ,married have once in their life given a passing thought to what their dress would look like if it ever happened. In the melee that is to become arranging a wedding, it’s pretty much the one thing that bride doesn’t discuss with her betrothed.

Before I got married myself, the only time I’d ever set foot inside a wedding dress shop was with my sister in law and she’d already picked her dress and just wanted reassurance it was the right one (it absolutely was!). So when I made my appointments and lasso’d together my mum and Ang, I wasn’t really prepared for the onslaught of tulle, taffeta and tutting that was to follow. Despite their lovely plush white smiley appearances, wedding dress shops are truly terrifying places and all the myths about them you see on telly are completely untrue, I wasn’t offered a glass of champagne in any of them!

Incidentally I completely agree with the quote above. I was convinced I knew my body type better than anyone else and wanted a high necked lace detail gown with a fishtail bottom and sleeves. What I went for was a strapless chiffon number which gathered at the hip! So you really do need to try on lots of different styles to find what really suits you. For the most part my experience with wedding dress shops was positive albeit exhausting. However there are two things that stick in my mind that left a sour taste in my mouth; the pushy sales people and the bitchy fellow brides. One shop I visited in particular were trying to push a £1500 dress on my buy upping the discount I could have if i ordered it that day. I knew it wasn’t the one but no matter what anyone says, price is a massive factor for most brides, so the prospect of having 35% off was tempting. What if I didn’t find a better one and I’d missed my chance? I think there’s a tendancy to play on these weaknesses which I don’t think is fair. After all when you would ever spend over£1000 on a dress for any occasion? It’s a massive amount of money to part with without having a good old think about it?

258 Web File

The dress I eventually went for….

I also hated the bitchy sideways glances I got from other brides. One I remember in particular looked at me with eyes filled with the fires of hell when I asked to try on a dress she’d already dismissed. She was clearly of the belief that she didn’t want it, but didn’t want anyone else to have it either.

So needless to say my experience of wedding dress shops is somewhat limited. Fast forward a few years and I’ve been accompanying Steph on her quest to find the perfect dress. We’d gone to all the usual boutiques in Newcastle which I think most new brides start in but the search was fruitless, although it did give us an idea of the style she wanted. The dress quest went on hold for a few weeks while I went on holiday and upon my return she mentioned a new place by the Metro Centre she wanted to try called Wed2B. The name alone made it sound like some kind of cheap online mobile phone company – I wasn’t awash with excitement I must confess. However, never let it be said I’m not an excellent friend.

20151004_153025 20151004_153011

Web2b market themselves as offering high quality low price designer labels. The most expensive dress they sell is £449 so I was imagining a large soulless warehouse with racks upon racks of dresses and brides fighting in the aisles over a £100 Vera Wang. How wrong I was. Granted the outside isn’t much to look at but inside is as nice if not nicer than any bridal boutique in town.

20151004_152201 20151004_152229 20151004_152242 20151004_152232

We were greeted on reception and talked through the process. Basically all the dresses are sorted on rails by size and you get to pick 4 of a time. You’re then taken to the changing rooms with one of the assistants. The dressing rooms are gorgeous; carpeted and spacious with little platforms built in outside to get a full view once you’ve tried your dresses on. Michelle, who was helping us (Michelle) was one of the nicest wedding dress salespeople I’ve ever met, she wasn’t pushy in the slightest and was more than happy for us to um and ahh over our choices and go back trying on things more than once.


Because the area outside the changing rooms is communal, you get to mingle with the other brides trying things on, which I think in snooty boutiques would have warranted the snide sideways glances but everyone here was lovely and we chatted away with all the other brides, their friends and mums. It’s always and of approval from a stranger, sometimes even more so than your own friends and family. One of the winning factors for me was undoubtedly that you’re allowed to take pictures, in fact they actively encourage it. There were some places in town *cough*Mia Sposa*cough who threatened to kick us out because they caught us trying to take a sneaky picture. We were there on a Sunday afternoon so there was no wait but were told that Saturdays and Sunday morning are extremely busy and you could be waiting for up to 2 hours to try your dresses on. It’s probably also worthwhile to note that if you want to try on a further 4 dresses, you go to the back of the queue again. You can’t make appointments so you do just have to take pot luck as to whether they’re busy or not, on a plus side though you don’t feel rushed because their next appointment has arrived.

The dresses are all off the rack and sold as seen, hence them being so cheap. They have some recommended seamstresses that they work with and all the recommendations are based on customer reviews so are trusted suppliers, you are of course welcome to get it altered if you need to, by anyone. If you find a dress you think is the one you can either buy it out right there and then or you can pay a £50 deposit and they will hold it for two weeks for you, in case you want o have a think or come back later with someone else. The £50 is non refundable but if you do decided that the dress they’ve held for you isn’t the one, you can transfer your £50 onto any other dress from them (or bridesmaid dress) so you don’t feel like your arm is being twisted too much.

They were fab! If i’m honest I wasn’t expecting much since they sell off the peg dresses but I was totally wrong! The dresses were all really good quality I really couldn’t tell the difference when wearing them between them and the ones from the boutiques. The staff were amazing too. They totally knew their stuff and gave me loads of advice that no-one in the boutiques did like how a dress could be tailored to my tastes by a dressmaker. I’m so pleased we went in to give it a go. I am completely sold and couldn’t recommend them enough! – Steph (the Bride!)

I’m also so pleased we found this shop. I’m so pleased for Steph that she had such a lovely experience and found her dream dress. It’s weird dress shopping after you get married because styles have changed, and you look at all the new pretty dresses you could have worn. I did feel slight pangs of jealousy that this shop wasn’t around when I got married because it was such a lovely experience. I just need Dave to get working on his time machine so we can go back and have our wonderful wedding all over again!

Shop details:

Units 10-11
Allison Court
Marconi Way
NE11 9YS

Tel: 01914 885232

Opening Times:

Monday – 10am to 5pm
Tuesday – 10am to 5pm
Wednesday – 10am to 5pm
Thursday – 10am to 8pm
Friday – 10am to 5pm
Saturday – 10am to 5pm
Sunday – 10am to 4pm

Review: Buy The Bag for St Oswalds Hospice – Newcastle upon Tyne

‘Any charity that aids or supports trying to find a cure for cancer is very close to my heart’ – Jennette McCurdy

My name’s Helen and I have an addiction to buying clothes.

One thing my mum always used to say to me even as a teenager and way before social media was ‘you’re allowed to wear something more than once you know’. Perhaps it’s part of my ADD personality but once I wear something, it’s old. it’s done with and I’m bored with it, I want something new. Problem is of course I don’t have a job that pays me enough to fund my addiction. I’ve always been a massive fan of shopping on Ebay and have had some real bargains (my All Saints dress which I got for 99p is a particular favourite of mine) however you can’t try anything on on Ebay so are taking a risk, and there has been many an item I’ve had to give away or bin because it hasn’t fit when it’s arrived. So that’s why I love charity shops. If you’re wiling to have a bit of a rummage you can find some real bargains, and of course, it’s ecologically friendly and helps out a great cause.

I was planning on doing another £20 Charity Shop Challenge in the hope of getting some new long sleeved tops for work when Steph told me about this new shop on Clayton Street called Buy the Bag. We were in town anyway wedding dress shopping (for her) and decided to see what it was all about.


I’m so glad we did now because I had my mind well and truly blown away! The concept is one that has worked for a few years over in America and is simple. You buy a bag and fill it for £10. It’s not quite as easy to navigate inside that shop as regular charity shops. Things are sorted into mens/womens/kids and then down into tops/skirts/dresses etc but aren’t sorted by size or colour, they’re all just in big bins and you have to sort through yourself so you have to put in the leg work to find something your size.

JS73430482 JS73430477

There are also a few rules you have to adhere to. The bag has to be able to close fully, so no piling high, no items are available for individual sale or negotiation and nothing is returnable. So, with that in mind here are somethings you need to know;

  • The bag you get is massive (supermarket bag for life size if not bigger).
  • I understand that £10 a bag is an introductory offer and not sure what the price will be once the introductory offer is over, or whether it means that the bag size gets smaller. What I imagine will happen is there will be different sized bags for different prices.
  • Not everything is in tip top condition as you might expect from a charity shop – it is second hand after all, they expect you to buy things to re-sell or upcycle. Don’t be alarmed if something is marked or missing a button.
  • The staff in the shop are super friendly and talked us both through the process and asked if we needed any help throughout.
  • It’s not just clothes that are available to fill your bag up with, they also have lots of shoes, handbags, children’s toys, books, DVDs and homeware items available too.

Here’s an idea of what I came away with for £10:

My bag of goodies!

My bag of goodies!

T-shirt and vest from ASOS and New Look

T-shirt and vest from ASOS and New Look

Tops from Next, Atmosphere, Autograph, Warehouse and Abercrombie

Tops from Next, Atmosphere, Autograph, Warehouse and Abercrombie

Jumpers from H&M, New Look, Atmosphere, C&A and George

Jumpers from H&M, New Look, Atmosphere, C&A and George

Bags from Bay and Next

Bags from Bay and Next

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this concept, and shall be absolutely returning when I have the urge to splurge that isn’t supported by by bank balance!

Shop Details:

St Oswald’s Hospice Newcastle Buy The Bag Shop Charity shop
Address: 76-80 Clayton St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5PG
Phone: 0191 230 1452
Opening times:
Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm
For more information visit : www.stoswaldsuk.org
Shop interior/exterior pictures courtesy of chorniclelive.co.uk

Buying Clothes From China on Ebay – An Experiment

I love shopping online for clothes, but only from places that I’m familiar with their sizing’ – Brendon Urie

It all started with my sudden need to own a yellow blazer. A blazer being something I consider a staple wardrobe item and with the summer at least trying to creep in, it stood to reason I would need to add a yellow one to my collection. My attitude to shopping and clothes has always been quantity over quality and Primark has ruined any ideas I ever had of the value of clothes, thanks to them, I now hate buying something that had more than 1 digit on the price tag. So I took myself over to ebay to try and find the perfect yellow blazer for 99p.

My search didn’t bring up all that much and nothing was really catching my. What was coming up in my side bar though was a smorgasbord of blazers of all different colours, from China, for £3.26. The cheapskate in me was certainly interested.

I’d heard loads of horror stories about ordering from China, particularly about the sizing but also about the quality of the stuff. I even read that someone ordered some leggings and there was a dead cockroach sewn into the inside seem. Grim. Still £3.26 is not to be ignored and bugs in my gusset was a risk worth it at that price. I added a lovely sunshine yellow blazer to my basket and figured it was so cheap I’d splash out on a few more things from the seller’s store (in this case it was topcolorful2015) might as well make that Chinese postman work for his money. As well as my coveted blazer I also got a green lace dress, a white t-shirt with sparkly red lips on the front and grey crochet detail top altogether with postage totaling a princely sum of £22.80.

The main tips i’d read about ordering from China online was ignore everything they say on their listings about the sizing and go about 2 sizes bigger than what they recommend. So I did just that, bearing in mind the stuff I was ordering wouldn’t look too bad if they were on the large side but utterly unwearable if they were too small, I erred on the side of caution. Being a member of the ’13’ club (i.e my annoyingly shaped body nestles perfectly between a UK 12 and 14) I ordered all my garb in what they were saying was a UK 16-18, which in most cases according to them was an XXL. I placed my order on 29 June 2015 and I waited.

And I waited, and I waited, and I waited some more, then eventually on 23 July 2015 my cheap package of joy thudded through the letter box. So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here’s how it all looks:

1. Green lace tunic dress (£1.99)

Green Dress

Green and lace it is, a dress it isn’t. Still wearable as a top though and fits width wise so counting it a semi success

2. White sparkly lip t-shirt (99p)


Suffice to say trade descriptions would be interested it taking a look at this t-shirt, what’s supposed to be a sexy come hither lip bite, actually looks like a drag queen’s snarl. The quality is extremely poor as well, it’s not the crisp white cotton fruit of the loom t-shirt as depicted in the picture, it’s off white and practically see through. This one’s getting filed in the B1N sadly.

3. Grey crochet detail top (£1.60)


Sadly it doesn’t quite give me the slouchy city girl look like the pretty lady in the picture, it would be good if it fell off my shoulders a bit more, but I do have shoulders wider than the average human and it does still fit so a thumbs up!

4. The yellow blazer! (£3.26)


The positives are it fits! Woo! This is probably the biggest success out of the haul, which is great seeing as it was the reason for making the order in the first place. The negative is it’s made from a material that’s akin to that of a cheap fancy dress costume (in this case I think it would be an airline stewardess). As long as I don’t stand near any open flames, under a hot light bulb or walk too quickly, I’m sure it will be fine!

So there you go, one dud but a few successes, all in all not as bad as I expected. If you’re thinking of ordering from the Far East, here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Completely ignore their sizing guides, they are wholly inaccurate
  • Check their feedback; there’s often hints in there about sizing, particularly in the negative comments ‘i’m a size 12 and Large is too small etc’ might help making your sizing choices
  • Postage bumps the prices right up so where as my items cost around £7, postage was £14
  • They also don’t combine postage, so there’s no real advantage to buying multiple items at once
  • Delivery takes about a month so don’t order anything you may need in a hurry
  • The quality of some items is very, very poor, it’s all synthetic material, nothing is soft or cotton, but at the end of the day, it’s cost you pennies, so that’s to be expected

Happy shopping!