Finding the perfect jeggings

‘I have jeggings to wear and worlds to conquer’ - Rachel Sklar Back in the 90s when the Top of the Pops was on a Thursday night, my bedroom wall was covered ceiling to floor in Backstreet Boys and we did our weekly shopping in Safeway I distinctly remember getting my first pair of boot … Continue reading Finding the perfect jeggings

What happened to Tesco’s Along Came Betty range?

'I'm all about the drugstore beauty products. They're affordable and get the job done’ - Tamara Tunie One of the things I love so much about going on holiday to America is hitting up the local CVS or Walgreens and stocking up on all the beauty products I love that you either can’t get over … Continue reading What happened to Tesco’s Along Came Betty range?

Battle of the Supermarket Cupcakes

'I'll never turn down a red velvet cupcake' - Shay Mitchell It's amazing how cupcake culture has taken over in the last few years in the UK. They've always been present in the states. I was accustomed to them when I lived on an army base when I was younger and the American kids would bring … Continue reading Battle of the Supermarket Cupcakes