The Wine & Beer Metro

‘Pubs are, disturbingly, where I hatch most of my best ideas’ –  Charles Stross

After the success of my Newcastle Upon Tyne Waking Tour and Ouseburn Pub Crawl, it made think that this was something I could definitely do more of. We’ve already done Durham (a post of that coming soon) but felt that this time I could go bigger. Much bigger.


Initially I considered a Tyne & Wear Metro (Newcastle upon Tyne’s answer to the London Underground) pub crawl, but with 60 different stations, even with my professional drinking experience, and constitution of an ox,  it’s not exactly responsible to try in one day is it? So instead have decided to put together a definitive guide and all pubs you can find either in or very near Tyne & Wear Metro Stations.


Ladied & Gentlemen, welcome to the Wine & Beer Metro! Over the next 18 months or so I’m going to be roping in my nearest and dearest to test out as many pubs along the metro line and possible and reporting back the good, the bad and the downright grotty!

Bank Foot
Callerton Parkway
Central Station
Gateshead (coming soon)
Gateshead Stadium
Hadrian Road
Howden (coming soon)
Kingston Park
Northumberland Park
Regent Centre
South Gosforth
St James (coming soon)
West Jesmond

Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates. If anyone has any suggests to some hidden gems I may not be aware of please let me know and you’ll get a mention in the post!

14 thoughts on “The Wine & Beer Metro

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